• Great Tips from a Holistic Vet on Itching: Part 4

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    I love how this holistic vet, Deva Khalsa, explains how allergies work in a way that is much easier to understand than I have ever heard before. Did you know any of this information about allergies? Do you think you might be misdiagnosing something with your dog or even with yourself or a family member? It is very common to assume most things are related to allergies but then they are not treated properly to find out that they are not. It can be very frustrating for any pet owner.

    She even mentions a type of treatment that we will learn about in the final video 8 of this series that actually helps animals become allergy free. I can’t wait to check that one out and will post and share it soon enough.

    In the mean time, check out the great detail Deva gives all of us on this informative video on different types of allergens:


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