• After Deadly Jerky Recalls, Oklahoma Woman Makes and Sells Treats!

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    This one woman was so devastated after loosing her fur baby to toxic jerky that she felt something had to be done to keep it from happening again. While the FDA investigates the sources of this tainted jerky other peoples dogs are still at high risk of imported treats. After her sweet Mocha Marie Labrador Retriever passed away after consuming jerky treats, Debi Lisle, started investigating too. Then she adopted another large dog with several food allergies and decided to start making homemade dog treats herself. This alleviates the fear of giving your fur baby tainted treats or having to worry about any underlying allergies.

    Have you ever tried making your dog homemade treats? One of the coolest parts about it, is no matter how it tastes or what it looks like, your dog will highly appreciate your efforts! Unlike everyone else…

    After Deadly Jerky Recalls, Oklahoma Woman Makes and Sells Treats!

    I agree with Debi that we must help get the word out 100%! Check is out:

    After losing Mocha, Debi adopted Cooper.  Cooper is a Great Dane-Labrador mix, and has 11 food allergies.  Talk about your diet restrictions!  Cooper’s sensitive digestive tract had given Debi the idea to make him special treats herself.  What started as a batch of doggie cookies, has become a full blown business plan, made out on a napkin with a friend.

    Debi says that the treats are gluten and preservative free, unlike the ones from China under investigation.  Debi only uses locally sourced ingredients straight from the same places she sells her treats.

    “The only thing that I buy that’s not grown here in the United States is the cinnamon, and I buy Colombian cinnamon, which is supposed to be the best you can buy,” she says.

    Debi plans to open a pet bakery somewhere, very soon.  August will mark one year since the start of Cooper’s Kitchen, and she has been quite successful.

    “These animals deserve a safe and healthy treat,” she said.  “All I want for Cooper’s Kitchen is to get the word out there that pet parents, you do have an alternative.”

    Article Source: Life With Dogs

    Image Source: Bev Currie on Flickr


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