• Experts Weigh In on Over-Exercising a Puppy

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    I am always surprised when people say they have never heard that you can over-exercise a puppy. It is important for people to know how much is too much while the puppy is still young so that no damage is caused by over-exercising them.

    Experts Weigh In on Over-Exercising a Puppy

    This is what one expert had to say:

    Taking your pup for brief walks in a health-safe area is fine, but jogging with him or allowing him to jump or engage in high-impact activities is not. A pup’s bones are soft and are therefore at risk of damage—they don’t ossify until approximately 18 months of age. Don’t allow young pups to run up and down stairs, jump in and out of vehicles, or engage in any type of jarring activity.Daily short periods of controlled exercise are best. Play with your pup in the house, and practice basic obedience exercises such as sit, down, and come. Teaching a retrieve is another fun way to combine training and physical exercise. Above all, if you are not sure how much exercise is appropriate for your particular puppy, check with your veterinarian.

    So now that you understand why too much exercise for a puppy can actually be a bad thing will you change what you allow your young pup to do?

    Article Source: Modern Dog Magazine

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