• Responsible Pet Ownership Month is in February, Here’s 10 Tips

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    So February is National Responsible Pet Ownership Month. Did you have any idea? I kind of feel that every month pet owners should be aware of the physical and mental condition of their pets.

    Here are 10 tips to maintain your pets health all year long:

    1. Responsible Pet Ownership Month is in February, Here's 10 TipsIf you think your pet is ill, odds are they probably are. Animals can’t tell you what’s wrong and are good at hiding or coping with their ailments. So if you suspect something is wrong, call your vet.
    2. Notify your vet if you see any sudden change in your pet’s weight, either gain or loss because such changes can indicate a significant health problem.
    3. Avoid feeding your pet foods that can be harmful to them such as grapes, raisins, chocolate, onions, garlic, macadamia nuts, and foods with caffeine such as coffee or tea.
    4. Keep your vet’s business card in your wallet. If you need to take your pet to an emergency clinic the personnel there will appreciate this information.
    5. If your pet has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, be sure to ask questions and research the condition thoroughly yourself so that your pet can get the right treatment.
    6. Don’t expose your pet to marijuana and tobacco smoke, which are toxic to animals.
    7. Call your vet if you notice any sudden change in water drinking and/or urinary habits because such changes can be signs of serious medical conditions such as kidney disease and diabetes.
    8. Do not give your pet any medications without first consulting with a vet. Medications for humans can be very harmful to animals.
    9. Avoid feeding your pet an unbalanced diet or overfeeding him or her. Both are bad for your pet’s health. Take it easy on the treats, too – food does not equal love.
    10. Make sure your pet gets enough exercise. Regular activity promotes mental and physical health and is a great time for bonding.

    Do you have any tips to add about what to look out for and how to maintain your pets health all year long?

    Article Source: Pet 360

    Image Source: VPI Pet Insurance on Flickr


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