• 56 Dogs Saved from a Puppy Mill in Charlotte in ‘Deplorable Conditions’

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    So I was reading about this horrible puppy mill in Charlotte, N.C., where 56 dogs were rescued on Friday the 13th! It ended up being quite the lucky day for those canines. The story is truly heartbreaking but the rescue is a silver lining. I did hear that animal cruelty is now a felony so hopefully all of the individuals involved will get a harsher sentence then we have seen in the past for puppy mill owners.

    How many more puppy mills across our great nation do you think are kept in horrible conditions like this one?

    I encourage everyone to expose any puppy mills you may uncover while looking for a new addition to the family. These poor defenseless animals need all of our help.

    56 Dogs Saved from a Puppy Mill in Charlotte in 'Deplorable Conditions'

    Check out how it all went down:

    English bulldog, Yorkie, cocker spaniel, and shih tzu breeds were all removed from the properties, and Kim Alboum with the North Carolina Humane Society told reporters that many of the dogs were in terrible condition.

    Some may need eye removals due to infection. Others have severe ear and skin infections. Almost all of the dogs suffered from huge mats in their fur that will likely require sedation so that animal rescuers can remove them safely.

    The dogs were all taken to the Humane Society of Charlotte where they will be evaluated, treated and eventually available for adoption. The care and treatment of the animals is expected to cost thousands of dollars, and the shelter is asking for both monetary donations and the donation of pet food and supplies to help offset the expenditures.

    Officials are still investigating the owner of the dogs and said that they will go to the district attorney next week to seek charges. The Humane Society is asking Charlotte voters to demand an amendment that would regulate commercial dog breeders.

    Article Source: Yahoo Shine Pets

    Image Source: Pets Advisor on Flickr


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