• Old Dog Walks 3 Miles to Find Owner in Landslide

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    Here’s a precious story about a 15 year old dog named Boomer who walked through 3 miles of rough terrain to try and rescue his owner from a landslide. When rescuers found him they originally thought he was a victim due to the injuries he sustained on his journey.

    Do you think you dog would instinctively know to try and find and rescue you in this type of situation?

    Check out his bittersweet story:

    Old Dog Walks 3 Miles to Find Owner in LandslideDogs are able to sense much more than some are willing to give them credit for.  Who knows how Boomer knew to go to his old home – perhaps he could feel the vibrations from the Stillaguamish Valley landslide and realized it was in the direction of where his family lives – but he knew he needed to get there.

    Arlington Veterinary Hospital reported that Boomer probably wouldn’t have lasted much longer on the rugged terrain and in the frigid weather. “He’s arthritic, he was cold, he was hypothermic,” vet tech Kellie Bartlett said.

    Boomer’s owner had given him to his sister when he moved to Oso.  He went in search of his former owner, whose life was unfortunately claimed in the disaster. Now Boomer has been reunited with his mama.  Though it is tragic that he wasn’t able to find his dad alive, Boomer’s own rescue gave searchers a much-needed morale booster. “His mom was grateful for all of the support,” Kellie explained.  “Boomer was wagging his tail when he saw her and was ready and willing to go home.”

    Article Source: Life With Dogs

    Image Source: JR P on Flickr



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