• Figure Out Your Dogs Best Bed Size and Type

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    It is important that your dog enjoys their bed and that it fits them well to prevent arthritis or other aching joint problems.

    Check out these tips below to decide on the best size and style doggie bed for your fur baby:

    Figure Out Your Dogs Best Bed Size and TypeStep 1 – Know Your Dog: Measure the Length of Your Dog. When your dog is lying down in a normal sleeping position, measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Then add 10 – 12” to determine bed length or diameter.
    Weight of Your Dog. Weigh your dog, or use the weight from your last vet visit.

    Sleeping Style of Your Dog. Does your dog stretch out or curl up when they sleep? Younger dogs tend to curl up more when they sleep because their bodies and spine are more flexible. Older dogs tend to stretch out. If your dog curls up most of the time, make sure you get a bed big enough for her to stretch out if she wants to.

    When in doubt, always get the larger size.

    Step 2 – Choose a Bed Style:Bagel beds, donut beds, and bolster beds have a nice padded bolster surrounding the bed. This can be great for your dog to prop his head on and to snuggle into. Most dogs will use the bolster to support the spine. When choosing a size for a bed with a bolster, make sure the usable part of the inner pillow is big enough for your dog to comfortably fit on.

    Cuddler or nest beds are similar to bolster beds in that you must use the size of the inner pillow, not the size of the bed’s footprint, to determine which size you need. The inner pillow should comfortably accommodate your dog in his/her preferred sleeping style.

    Dog couches are similar to bolster beds. They are great for support and for giving the dog a sense of security as they snuggle up against the bolster. Make sure your dog will fit comfortably on the usable cushion – the bolster itself shouldn’t be used to determine sizing.

    Round beds that do not have a bolster are good for dogs that curl up and stretch out, so long as the diameter of the bed (the measurement from one side to the other across the center) is long enough that the dog can unfold the spine. The round shape inherently invites the dog to curl.

    Rectangle and square beds are great for dogs who like to stretch out. Make sure the bed you choose will completely accommodate your dog in his most outstretched sleeping position. Some rectangle beds have a pillow. Consider this when you’re determining the size – sometimes a dog will want to stretch out with her head on the pillow and sometimes not.

    Elevated beds with frames are good for keeping your dog up off hard surfaces and can be a cool spot in hot temperatures. Make sure the bed you choose will completely accommodate your dog in his most outstretched sleeping position, without his paws or legs touching the frame. If the paws or legs touch or hang off the frame (unless by the dog’s choice), there could be unnecessary stress on the legs and joints.

    Most manufactures of doggie beds will have their own opinions and options for sizes so always reference their specific size chart before placing an order. A great dog bed distributor will have a satisfaction guarantee which is something you should always look for prior to making a final purchase.

    Where did you buy your doggies bed and how much thought did you put into it?

    Article Source: The Uncommon Dog

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