• VIDEO: The Deadly Truth About Commercial Dog Food Exposed. Must See Report!

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    Here is a truly informative video that exposes the devastating secret about what we have been feeding our “best friends”. Commercial dog food has accounted for thousands of pet deaths in the US, UK, Canada & Australia on a daily basis. Published Dog Care Experts and World-Famous Vets agree that, “Any dog that eats commercial dog food is at a much higher risk of dying prematurely and by the time symptoms are noticeable, it’s often too late to prevent an agonizing death except by lethal injection.”

    If you love and care about your dog you’ll want to click here and watch this video now and start making changes in your pets diet today to ensure a longer, healthier life for your best friend!

    This report not only exposes the truth about some commercial dog foods but provides solutions on how you can significantly increase your dog’s lifespan up to 8 years, while saving thousands of dollars in the process.

    If you have ever had a healthy dog that died prematurely you must drop everything and take the time to watch this report now. It scientifically proves through a study called “Theories of Aging”, why it is not natural for your beloved pet to die before their time from cancer or disease.

    Are You Unknowingly Feeding Your Pet Food That’s Silently Poisoning Them From The Inside Out?

    In this must see video for any pet owner, Andrew shares his heartbreaking story of losing his best friend at just 4 years of age. With regular exercise and top of the line commercial dog food he thought his happy dog was also healthy as can be, until he found out he had been poisoning him…

    After conducting over 7 years of research he goes on to explain the legal loopholes some commercial dog food companies have been taking advantage of for years to sell their food labeled healthy, even when it is lacking up to 30 essential nutrients and packed with preservatives, DEAD AND EUTHANIZED ANIMALS AND EVEN FECAL MATTER! They’re even allowed to use other toxic chemicals like Ethoxyquin, that have been proven to cause a long list of disorders and problems such as:

    • cancer
    • organ failure
    • immune system collapse
    • behavioral disorders
    • bowl and intestinal problems
    • severe allergies and skin conditions
    • blindness, sight, vision problems and even
    • birth defects…

    Dog Wants To Eat People FoodIf you love your dog, I beg you, click here and pay close attention to the details in this video that expose how commercial dog food companies get away with lying about their products, which are shamefully killing your dog. Just because a dog food company is reputable, it does not mean that their products are healthy or not a risk to your beloved pooch.

    The video goes on to explain why most commercial dog food is nutritionally inadequate and can even be full of poisonous properties that you would never dream of feeding your dog.

    With quotes from accredited Dog-Health Author, Ann N. Martin and World-Famous Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Alfred Plechner, along with many other Vet and dog owner testimonials, this video is not only informative but imperative for your dogs health. The frightening wake up call is that our pets our becoming biochemically crippled leaving them with no resistance to disease due to unnecessary additives like antibiotics, high amounts of antioxidants and other chemicals allowed in commercial dog food.

    In Andrew’s story, he goes on to tell the truth his vet shared about the preservatives and chemicals in commercial dog food being the direct cause of his best friends kidney failure.

    Watch this video now to become an expert on the chemicals, preservatives and types of protein legally allowed in commercial dog food along with why and how it’s done.

    If you truly love your dog and would be devastated to lose your best friend, you really must drop everything and educate yourself with this life saving video that can help you extend your pets life up to 134% longer than average for any breed.

    Well respected dog breeders, Wendy and Jack Volhard, have lived by the same guidelines shared in this video and have experienced for themselves the longer life spans of their breeds. This informative video will not only educate you and make you an expert about what you are actually feeding your dog, but will provide solutions through healthy home made dog food recipes you can start using today, to prolong and save your best friends life.


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    1. I believe there is truth to how bad most commercial dog foods are. I have a Rott n he gets large breed organix dog food. It has the joint stuff in it Newmans own is another really good dog food. We have cleaned up our food goin organic as much as possible…why not our pets? Will add years to their lives

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