• Frozen Refreshing Sweet or Savory Dog Treats

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    Think of the places that you would pack up treats to go to, like the beach, a park, a friends house or even just out for a hike or a walk. If you are bringing your kids or friends, you would make sure to pack enough for them too right? Well then what about your dog?

    Any time you are feeling a little hungry or maybe a little too hot, your precious pooch probably is too. So don’t forget to tend to them when grabbing something for yourself. The trick is to make sure their treats stay as cool as yours but you are probably wondering how to do so.

    Frozen Refreshing Sweet or Savory Dog Treats

    Here are several ways to make your own homemade frozen dog treats to help keep your pup cool for the rest of the summer:

     What Can You Freeze for Your Dog?

    • Vegetables & Fruit – Yep, plain ol’ veggies like green beans, squash and sweet potato are fun to freeze and give as a cold treat. Just as fun are icy cool bananas, strawberries and apples.
    • Chicken & Beef Broth – This should be a staple in your doggie pantry. Broth that is low in sodium is preferable to use for all of your dog treat recipes.
    • Fruit Juices – You can use fruit juices for cold treats on a hot day. For example, look for juices that list “no added sugar”.
    • Yogurts – Another base ingredient, is plain low fat yogurt.
    • Baby Foods – These make a nice addition to a cool snack. Use organic fruit or vegetable blends for added flavor.

    Tips & Techniques

    • Ice Cube Trays – When using ice cube trays to freeze treats for your dog, you may want to buy a set just for him. You can make them a different color or style than the trays your family uses. There’s nothing worse than putting a chicken broth ice cube in your glass of water!
    • Cupcake Liners – You can use paper liners instead of ice cube trays to freeze treats. Once frozen, let them sit at room temperature for a few minutes. Then simply tear away the paper liner and watch your dog enjoy her treat.

    Article Source: Dog Treat Kitchen

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