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    Do you feel like when you brush your dog it doesn’t make much of a difference or that they could shed forever and brushing doesn’t help? The fact of the matter is that most people don’t know how to properly brush their dog. Some dogs have undercoats which need to be brushed out on a regular basis to prevent a ton of shedding. Do you know how to properly brush your breed?

    Below are 10 tips for every type of dog to get you started:

    Try these 10 tips to get the most from brushing and combing:

    10 Brushing Tips1. Match the brush to your dog’s coat type. 

    2. Spray on coat conditioner.

    3. Brush and comb your dog before bathing.

    4. Brush systematically.

    5. Brush the entire coat down to the skin but do not brush the skin.

    6. Concentrate on one section and one layer of the coat at a time.

    7. Take your time.

    8. Comb after brushing.

    9. Clip badly matted short coats and let them grow out.

    10. Praise and reward your dog.

    Long hair breeds need curved wire slicker or pin brushes while a regular wire slicker works fine on dogs with dense undercoats. For smooth coat breeds you can just use a mitt or rubbery curry to get the job done.

    What breed do you have and what type of brush do you use on them now?

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