• Professional Bath Time Tips For Fido

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    Some pet owners can afford mobile grooming services or take them to high end groomers. These services cost anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00 and can take hours to schedule, drop off and pick up, making it all day event.

    Why not save the cash and wash your little fur baby yourself?

    It is pretty simple to wash them quickly and effectively to make sure they are clean, smell good and feel their best. The best part is, it won’t take you all day. Just pop by the pet store and pick up the essentials like a metal comb, a brush, a de-matter and conditioner.

    Professional Bath Time Tips For Fido

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    Take a gentle approach. You can offer her a treat or a toy to lure her into the tub or onto your lap. However, at some point, tough love may have to take over, he says—as in pick ’em up.

    Develop a ritual. Once your pet learns to anticipate the fun part of grooming, you can reduce the pampering time even more. Rubin’s regulars, for instance, know they’ll get a treat at the beginning, middle, and end.

    Brush often—and always before bathing A daily 10-minute brushing for your dog will keep mats from forming and shorten overall grooming time. To remove the clumps of hair or fur that form close to the skin, first use a metal comb to break them up. Are they still there? Try a de-matter, a brushlike tool with a recessed blade that can cut through a dog’s mats; some cat de-matters look like three-pronged hair picks.

    Zero in on problem areas.  If your pet smells even after a bath, check her ears, teeth, and paws.

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