• General Rottweiler Grooming Tips

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    Rottweilers may seem like one of the easiest breeds to bath but do you take their ears and double coat into consideration when grooming them? My Rott mix used to run tell her paws bled but I was so young when I had her I had no idea about paw balm and couldn’t keep her still.

    General Rottweiler Grooming Tips

    Below is some great Rottweiler grooming tips and advice that you can use to keep your pup clean and healthy:

    General: Rottweiler’s are a double coated breed that have a short undercoat below the short flat topcoat. Grooming is suggested for 4 – 8 week intervals to clean ears, clip nails, check anal glands and insure the coat and skin are in healthy condition.
    Eyes: Eyesshould be alert and bright. Use Optisoothe during the bath to flush any foreign objects.
    Ears: Monthly ear cleaning with Ear Care is advised to be sure no ear problems that might need vet attention arise. Only clean as far as you can see, never further.
    Bathing: Rottweiler’s require 2 baths when you bathe them. The first bath should be a general bath, any of our Classic Care or Professional Care products are perfect. If your Rottweiler  has allergies or sensitive skin we would suggest a Hypo-Allergenic Coconut Shampoo and follow it with a medicated shampoo depending on your dogs needs. If your Rottweiler has normal skin then the second bath you would want to pick one of out wonderful Scent Renewal shampoos and conditioners. Follow the bath with a conditioner or Luxury Remoisturizer to keep the coat in great shape.
    Paws. Paw Balm should be used weekly as well, paw pads that are soft and pliable are less likely to dry and crack
    Coat Care: Aloe Hydrating Spray between baths will keep the coat moisturized and in great shape. A Hot Oil Treatment will bring out the natural luster of the coat and control dandruff
    Show Dog Tips: Show Style’s Silky Show Shampoo and Conditioner  to keep moisture in the coat as well as silk proteins.. Show Style High Sheen Spray right before entering the show ring will add the little extra shine without any oily residue.
    Tools: Shedding blade can be used to pull out the dead coat. Short coated breeds shed all year around and so they constantly need to be brushed.

    Do you have any other tips on grooming your Rott that we didn’t cover above?

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