• Vets Weigh In On, If Cats Or Dogs Should Sleep In Bed With You

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    Many people just don’t see eye to eye on if your dog or cat should be allowed to sleep in bed with you. Sometimes this issue even divides households where some family members think it is Ok and some do not. This was how my household was. My parents only let their little Lhasa in the bed so the Wolf hybrid, my baby Coco, slept with me. This was simple due to size.

    Vets Weigh In On, If Cats Or Dogs Should Sleep In Bed With You

    Check out what the Vet professionals had to say about it:

    Many factors come into play, of course. Some pet owners suffer from allergies and sleeping with a face full of fur only exacerbates them, or maybe they can’t deal with the dirt a dog would track onto the duvet. But plenty of pet owners – and veterinary professionals – can’t imagine drifting off to sleep without their kitty or Cocker Spaniel cuddled up nearby.

    A whopping 83 percent of the readers and 75 percent of the veterinary professionals we polled said they allow a pet to share the bed. But while pet owners were more likely to let their dog sleep in their bed than were veterinary professionals, veterinary professionals were more likely to let their cat sleep in their bed than were readers.And veterinary professionals also scored big when it came to allowing both dogs and cats in the bed – they were 52 percent more likely to allow the whole zoo up there than our readers!

    If you don’t snuggle up with your pup or kitty, you might find it hard to imagine that an animal in your bed would not disrupt your sleep, but in fact, there are some who believe their pets actually help their sleep. Thirteen percent of veterinary professionals and 33 percent of readers who allow their pets in bed said they believe their pets help them sleep, although 28 percent of veterinary professionals and 14 percent of readers indicated their pets hinder their sleep. Slightly more than 50 percent of veterinary professionals and 45 percent of readers said they saw no difference. The remainder answered “Other,” with some stating that the purring or soft snoring soothes them but that the cramped quarters (not to mention the squirrel-chasing dreams) sometimes pose a problem.

    What is your opinion on the topic?

    Article Source: Yahoo Shine

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