• Is a Vegetarian Diet Healthy for Dogs?

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    Dr. Jennifer Coates shares details with us on if a vegetarian diet can be healthy for your dog. A lot of vegetarians struggle with feeding their pups meat when they do not eat it themselves. Well it can be perfectly healthy for your dog to be vegetarian too, if they still get everything they need.

    Is a Vegetarian Diet Healthy for Dogs

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    It is true that dogs belong to the order Carnivora, but they are actually omnivores. The canine body has the ability to transform certain amino acids, the building blocks or protein, into others, meaning that dogs can get all the amino acids they need while avoiding meat.Being a lacto-ovo vegetarian does not present many nutritional challenges for people or for dogs. In fact, eggs have the highest biological value of all the protein sources commonly used in pet foods. The biological value of a protein measures its ability to supply the individual amino acids that an animal needs. Eggs are an excellent source of protein for dogs. Even veganism – consuming a diet that does not include any animal products – though a little trickier, is possible for dogs. The right balance of different plant-based sources of protein (e.g., beans, corn, soy and whole grains) can still provide the needed amino acids.

    The only thing that seems to be an issue is that dogs prefer their meaty diet over a veggie one. You just have to make this adjustment slowly just like you would with a human diet.

    What is your opinion on a vegetarian diet for dogs?

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