• Sweet Treats for Your Favorite Valentine… Your Dog!

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    There is no better treat for your dog than a homemade one full of love and natural goodness. You can use an oven or just cook em up stove top but what about using a food dehydrator? This is one of the healthiest ways to create your own homemade dog treats free of preservatives and extra, unnecessary ingredients.

    Check out these two very different food dehydrator recipes that you can make with love for your precious pooch on Valentine’s Day:

    Sweet potatoes cut with a heart shaped cutter are as easy as it gets. Though no one will blame you if you want to spice things up with a little bit of cinnamon. These are great not only because they’re easy, but in small bits they are relatively low-calorie and a veggie that is rarely allergenic.

    Sweet Treats for Your Favorite Valentine... Your Dog!Now, if you want to get fancy, and a little grosser, you can also continue experimenting with meat. I took some thinly sliced beef and cut it into little strips to evaluate its performance in the dehydrator. But you know, it’s Valentine’s Day, so before you put it in to dry, you should arrange it in festive patterns by poking it into heart shapes. Are you doing anything for your pet for Valentine’s Day?

    The meatier treats may not come out looking as good as the sweet potato ones but your dogs will love the meaty treats with less sodium and preservatives. Not only will they feel great knowing your made something special for them but it is the healthiest way to give them treats!

    Are you doing anything special for your favorite furry Valentine this year?

    Article Source: Paw Curious

    Image Source: Lulu Hoeller on Flickr


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