• Pet Pain and How to Spot It

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    If you are close with your pet then I am sure you know their body language already. Some animal owners are not in tune with their pets and have no idea if they are feeling down, sad, sick or are experiencing any pain.

    Below are some tips to spot pet pain:

    Pet Pain and How to Spot ItPain is universal and one of the most common feelings animals will convey. Obviously, most owners can detect a limp or a painful cry, but pain that’s chronic, or moderate enough to withstand, takes more scrutiny to recognize. Dogs and cats generally show a change in behavior or temperament when they’re uncomfortable. A normally happy and affectionate pet may become irritable and refuse to be held or petted. A normally rambunctious dog may prefer to sit or lie quietly and be left alone. Additionally, if a dog or cat can reach the painful area, such as a paw, they may lick, scratch, or bite it in an attempt to make it feel better. Unfortunately, they may inadvertently inflict self-injury by repeatedly rubbing or scratching the area. This is seen frequently in animals with ear infections that dig at the skin behind the sore ear with their rear claws.

    Overall, when it comes to detecting pain, you should look for a change, or abnormality in your pet’s behavior. You know them better than anyone else and if you suspect something is wrong, take them to your  veterinarian.

    Everyone has experienced pain and knows how debilitating it can be. Your pet’s no different, and they have a limited language to convey their discomfort. Take the time to “listen”, because the only good thing about any pain, is the moment it goes away.

    Don’t ever even think about administering human pain medication to your pet without consulting a vet first.

    Does your pet have a dead give away when they are in pain? What do they do?

    Article Source: Washington State University

    Image Source: www.pinayonthemove.com’s phtostream on Flickr


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