• Great Tips from a Holistic Vet to Stop Itching: Part 2

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    Here is the second part of a great 8 part video series that explains natural ways to treat itching. It is from the same holistic vet that reminded us that we can use some natural human products like Aveeno lotion and or oatmeal to sooth dry itchy skin in some cases. In this video she covers a more serious skin irritation called Malassezia which is caused from a natural build up of oils and yeast that we all have an amount of on our bodies. When dogs are not bathed regularly they can get this problem with their skin just like other similar forms of dermatitis in humans too. It has some lousy side effects and is totally preventable.

    Do you love your fur baby enough to watch videos and do a little research to become an optimal pet owner and provide the best environment for them?

    Check out some details on this disorder and what you can do to treat it with all natural ingredients:


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