• Ever Heard of Doga?

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    Have you noticed this new trend Doga? While I have not heard it called that before today I have seen tons of pics and videos of Yoga lovers and their fur babies as partners. I wonder if they really learn the moves or it is just a coincidence.

    Ever Heard of Doga

    What do you think?

    Loving the LimelightIt should come as no surprise that your dog will love the attention a doga class offers. An instructor (or you) will watch his every move and guide him gently into the proper positions. And even if your dog isn’t down with the doga, he’ll still have a good time peacefully checking out all the ladies in the room. Plus, he’ll be with you — his favorite person in the whole wide world.

    Reaching Equilibrium

    We all lead super busy lives, and sometimes it’s hard to squeeze in exercise and quality “together” time with your favorite pooch. That’s why Doga is perfect. You get to workout, relax, your dog gets to exercise, and best of all, you both get to spend time … together!

    Article Source: Pet MD

    Image Source: Heather Mull on Flickr


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