• After Cancelling Their Honeymoon, Newlyweds Are Reunited with Missing Fur Baby

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    A couple, Amanda and Nick from Pennsylvania, were on their way to Hawaii for their honeymoon when they got a call that their fur baby went missing. Instead of hopping on a jet they hopped back in their car and headed straight home to start looking. Their search went on for 4 days after the pup went missing from their father’s care. They posted fliers and went door to door and had several people in the community out looking and keeping their ears and eyes out for their beloved pit bull Bailey.

    After Cancelling Their Honeymoon, Newlyweds Are Reunited with Missing Fur Baby

    Here is a little more about their story:

    While the newlyweds were gone, Nick’s father was watching Bailey, but the dog took off and could not be found. The couple immediately returned home before boarding the plane and began to search for their beloved dog. Rather than spending the first few days of their honeymoon on the beach, the two papered the neighborhood with lost dog flyers to find Bailey. They spent hours combing the area with their other dog, following any leads they received, but she was still lost. “It’s disappointing, and after now the fourth day, we’re slowly losing hope,” said Amanda.

    The search started at 5 a.m. on Wednesday. “Today’s been horrible just because we haven’t heard anything at all. Just like yesterday,” Nick said distraught. However, before the day was done, the couple celebrated an emotional reunion with the dog they had been looking days for. “Oh my god we found her,” a relieved and grateful Amanda said. “We’re not leaving her any time soon. She’s going to stay right, right in our eyesight.”

    The couple says that they are not making any immediate plans to reschedule their honeymoon and will wait until they are able to build up the nerve to leave their pets for the trip.

    Article Source: Yahoo News

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