• Here is a Brindle Chihuahua, Dixie

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    Here is a color variation that you don’t see vary often on Chihuahuas. This gal Dixie is Brindle. Do you have any Brindle Chihuahua images you can share with us and our readers?

    My brindle chihuahua, Dixie

    photo by: Sew Ripped

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    1. My brindle is in several of the pictures at this website: http://www.anklebiters.biz She is 3+ years old, a good solid 2 lbs, spayed, named Chloe and is the most easy going of any of my chihuahuas. I would add her picture here, if I knew how to do that. I never knew that her coloring was all that rare. Her mom was a blue with tan markings (SH) and her dad was a red sable (LH). She is AKC, but was never bred, as she comes from full sized chihuahuas of 5 and 6 lbs.

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