• Bathing and Drying Tips for Large Dogs

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    Large dogs tend to have very thick and very long fur. Sometimes you will get lucky and get the benefits of a larger dog without all the fur but not in most cases.

    Here are some tips to help you learn how to easily groom your large furry dog:

    Grooming Tips for Large DogsOverall, frequent fur brushing (several times per week) is one of the best things you can do for your dog, but a few techniques will help keep them safe while getting clean.

    Big dog bath time: Bathing is a special challenge for large dogs because they may not fit in your bathtub! It’s important to start bathing young so that your dog learns the process and can be trained to behave. You may need to have baths outside, and keep your dog on a leash to avoid running. Look for a collar to use during bathing which will not bleed color onto the fur when wet—you can return to the regular collar when they’re dry. You can also try self-service pet washes at pet stores to access the proper tools and leave the mess behind. Brush your dog thoroughly before a bath to remove matted fur before they get wet. Make sure that you use dog shampoo (human shampoo is too harsh for dogs) and if needed, dilute it with water before massaging into your dog’s fur. Two rounds of diluted shampoo will be easier to wash out than one thick round. It’s important to rinse out all the shampoo because leaving shampoo on your dog’s skin can lead to irritation.

    Drying on time: Some giants (especially those with double coats) may take all day to dry, and may need your help to speed up the process. You can start with a towel, but you may need to upgrade to an electric dryer. You can use a hairdryer, but make sure it is on the cool setting—you don’t want to burn your friend! For double-coated dogs, like Bernese Mountain Dogs and Newfoundlands, you may prefer a pet dryer to speed up the process and avoid burns.

    I left an important step of trimming their nails to focus on the actual bath and dry time.

    Do you have any other tips that make bathing a gentle giant an easy task?

    Article Source: Pet Care RX

    Image Source: MTSOfan on Flickr


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