• 3 Grooming Tips for Pets That You Can Do At Home

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    Some pets love to strut after a bath and cut, they seem happier, healthier and smell better! Some pets love bath time while others absolutely detest it, but the outcome is usually the same. Except for my little Lhasa, she loves to roll in the dirt right after a bath so I always have to make sure she doesn’t for day after… it’s pretty funny actually. With just a few simple steps you can easily clean your fur baby at home to keep them happy and healthy.

    Does your fur baby detest bath time or love it?

    3 Grooming Tips for Pets That You Can Do At Home

    Check out 3 DIY pet grooming tips that can save you money:

    1. BATHE RIGHT: Once every 2 to 3 months should suffice, but if your pup has naturally greasy skin or loves a good roll in the dirt, he may need it more often. Here’s what you’ll need: Pet shampoo, Adjustable showerhead

    2. CLEAN EARS WELL: Wax buildup can cause your pet’s ears to itch and hurt—and, in severe cases, may lead to inner and middle ear infections. It’s best to clean his ears after bathing; any more often can destroy the “good” bacteria in them, resulting in a yeast infection. What you’ll need: Gauze (Don’t stick anything deep into the ear canal.), Ear cleaning solution

    3. GROOM OFTEN: Dogs that have fast-growing, curly hair, such as standard poodles and bichons frises, need a trim every 3 to 4 months. Most other pets shed their coats, so they don’t need haircuts. Here’s what you’ll need: De-shedder, Clipper

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