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    101 Dog Owner Responsibility TipsDogs are by far the closest to people out of any other animal alive. Any dog owner would agree that the unconditional love from a dog is unmatched by any other type of pet you can imagine. Owning a dog is not just a blessing but a responsibility too. Just like having a child you need to care, protect, clean, feed and shelter your pooch.

    With help from the AKC we are able to provide 101 tips that they feel are the most important for any respinsible dog owner:

    Think First

    1. Recognize the Commitment
    2. Evaluate Your Lifestyle
    3. Make a List
    4. Choose a Breed
    5. Get a Referral
    6. Make Contact
    7. Ask Questions
    8. Consider an Older Dog
    9. Expect Questions
    10. Prepare to Wait
    11. Skip the Holidays

    Make the Commitment

    1. Pick Your Pet
    2. Get It in Writing
    3. Get Your Papers
    4. Register Your Dog

    Get Ready

    1. Prepare Yourself
    2. Make a Schedule
    3. Dog-Proof Your Home
    4. Set a Containment Policy
    5. Get a Collar
    6. Make a Bed
    7. Buy Some Toys
    8. Find a Veterinarian

    Bring Your Dog Home

    1. Welcome Your New Pet
    2. Let Your Dog Adjust
    3. Name Your Dog
    4. Make Introductions
    5. Introduce Other Pets
    6. Housetrain
    7. Set House Rules

    Keep Your Dog Healthy

    1. Go to the Veterinarian
    2. Feed a Good Diet
    3. Exercise
    4. Vaccinate
    5. Prevent Disease
    6. Repel Fleas and Ticks
    7. Know Your Dog’s Patterns
    8. Provide Chew Toys
    9. Bathe Your Dog
    10. Groom Your Dog
    11. Clip Those Nails
    12. Clean Those Teeth
    13. Prevent Obesity
    14. Know Your Breed’s Health Risks
    15. Protect From Poisons
    16. Be Alert to Changing Needs
    17. End Suffering

    Keep Your Dog Safe

    1. I.D. Your Dog
    2. Consider Microchips or Tattoos
    3. Provide Shelter
    4. Watch the Heat
    5. Travel Safely
    6. Find a Pet-Sitter or Boarding Kennel
    7. Prepare for Disaster
    8. Establish an Emergency Contact
    9. Make a Will
    10. Take Pictures

    Be a Friend

    1. Play!
    2. Go On Walks
    3. Talk to Your Dog
    4. Give Treats
    5. Love Your Dog
    6. Switch Out Toys
    7. Give Your Time
    8. Find the “Spot”
    9. Leave the Radio On
    10. Plan Activities With Your Dog
    11. Give a Massage
    12. Make That Tail Wag
    13. Go On Trips
    14. Ease Separation Anxiety
    15. Give Kisses
    16. Get Another One!
    17. Don’t Let Your Dog Down

    Train Your Dog

    1. Be The Alpha
    2. Teach Basic Commands
    3. Socialize Your Dog
    4. Go to Class
    5. Prevent Nuisance Barking
    6. Praise Your Dog
    7. Supervise Play With Children
    8. Give Your Dog a Job

    Breed Responsibly

    1. Breed To Improve
    2. Spay or Neuter
    3. Contain Bitches in Heat
    4. Perform Genetic Screening

    Get Involved

    1. Join an AKC Club
    2. Earn an AKC Title
    3. Encourage Breed Behavior
    4. Involve the Kids
    5. Find a Mentor
    6. Read All About It

    Be a Canine Ambassador

    1. Set a Good Example
    2. Respect Your Neighbors
    3. Don’t Leave Leavings
    4. Respect Local Laws
    5. Fight Anti-Dog Legislation
    6. Let Your Dog Help Others
    7. Get a Canine Good CitizenĀ® Certificate
    8. Show Your Pride
    9. Contact the AKC

    The list may be long but it gives anyone thinking about becoming a dog owner a great idea of what it entails.

    What were the biggest surprises you have encountered after becoming a pet owner yourself?


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