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    What to Do for Swollen PawsA lot of people take their dogs out on long walks through rough or hot terrain and don’t even think about their poor fur baby’s precious paws. This can lead to hot, swollen and painful paws. To prevent this from happening simply watch for limping, hobbling or favoring one leg at a time. It is always good to check your pooches paws so you have an idea of what to compare them to in a case where they are swelling up or swollen.

    Here are some more tips of what to look for and how to treat poor swollen pads and paws:

    Primary Cause Swollen paws are often caused by a foreign object getting trapped between the pads/toes of the dog’s foot. Insect or spider bites, puncture wounds, broken toes, fractured claws, and constant licking/chewing (as with allergies or other source of chronic irritation) are other common causes. Pad burns from running on hot asphalt are also common during the summertime.

    Immediate Care

    1. Check the paw for objects caught between the pads/toes.
    2. Check for insect stings or puncture wounds (though often hard to pinpoint).
    3. If possible, remove trapped object with tweezers and wash the paw with warm, soapy water.
    4. If you can’t see anything trapped in the paw, check the dog’s leg to ensure no constricting material is present (which can easily cause swelling).
    5. Soaking the paw in an Epsom salt solution is often of benefit, regardless of the cause. Ten minutes in comfortably hot water (in a tub or basin) with Epsom salts dissolved within is typically an excellent short-term solution for swelling.
    6. If you can see an obvious lesion, the swelling does not quickly disappear, or the dog continues to favor the paw, call your vet for further advice. Veterinary attention in these cases is almost always in order.

    So if you notice your poor pups feet in pain or swelling, try one of two things, dog shoes for heat and rough terrain or shorter walks at cooler times of the day.

    What do you do to protect your pups feet?

    Article Source: Pet MD

    Image Source: [thunderstruck] on Flickr


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