• If You Need Help Training Sign Up For Puppy Classes in 2014

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    Does your new puppy get into and chew on everything? Are you thinking about taking your new puppy to classes in 2014?

    If You Need Help Training Sign Up For Puppy Classes in 2014

    No better time to start then the beginning of a new year, especially if the puppy was a Christmas or New Years Eve gift! Many classes all over the nation offer the following:

    • Open to the whole family
    • Socialization when it matters most
    • Quiet Holds
    • Bite Inhibition (soft mouth)
    • Eliminate Mouthing
    • Basic behaviors
    • Off Leash skills so your puppy learns to work with you even if there‚Äôs not a leash
    • Management of excitement
    • Operant methods are used to get behaviors
    • Get your puppy off to a bright start
    • Can be used with 90 Days to the Perfect Puppy

    This class over at Sit Happens is all the way out in Georgia but like I said before classes are nationwide. Ask your vet if you can’t find one you feel comfortable with online.

    Or do you have some suggestions you can share with us below?

    Article Source: Sit Happens

    Image Source: Flickr


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