• How Holistic Medicine Can Help Your Pet

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    How Holistic Medicine Can Help Your Pet

    I am a strong believer in Holistic and preventative medicine. Having healthy and natural alternatives to treat and prevent underlying conditions really should be your first option. Only when holistic medicine doesn’t help should one turn to taking an actual medication. Always consider therapy, acupuncture, natural herbs and vitamins as well homeopathy before taking something that may have even worse sides affects then the illness or problem you may actually have. You should do the same when taking the best care of your pets as possible.

    Here is some detailed information on holistic medicine, what it can do for your beloved pets and why:

    Is holistic veterinary medicine hocus-pocus?

    The idea of holistic medicine may conjure up images of a rustic apothecary and ineffectual diagnostic measures, but holistic medicine is a progressive industry replete with learned practitioners. Also, the many benefits of the holistic approach have been published in respected clinical trials and research articles.

    Why choose holistic veterinary care?

    While the “find it and kill it” Western medical approach may work for infectious diseases, holistic medicine uses preventative measures by treating the whole body. Holistic veterinary care is much more effective when treating chronic illnesses like heart disease.

    But, doesn’t holistic therapy cost more?

    Medical treatments can get expensive, but some holistic approaches offer cheaper and equally effective results. Because herbs and nutritional supplements can’t be patented, the holistic vet can offer a wider array of remedies. This can make a significant difference, especially in chronic illness cases.

    Have you ever used holistic medicine to treat anything wrong with your pet? Please share your story with us in the comments below.

    Article Source: Pet MD

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