• Great Holistic Tips, Part 5: Hot Tips for Hot Spots

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    This video kind of takes us back to the basics of her very first video in this series that went over hot spots. This shows what other conditions it could be if your dog is not experiencing an actual hot spot or what kind of hot spot it may be due to what is actually causing it. On the surface it may seem like a regular hot spot or an allergic reaction to something but if it doesn’t go away completely or keeps coming back it may be something else.

    Pay attention to your fur babies conditions and monitor any changes so you can help diagnose any problems they may be having better and also to find the best treatment and make sure it works. It’s not like they can just tell us all the symptoms themselves so it is our job to take the best care of them. Your fur baby will thank you.

    Does your dog have a certain way they let you know what is wrong with them?

    Check out part 5 in this  part series and keep learning about how to better care for your pets:


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