• Feed Your Pet the Things You Really Should

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    Have you ever heard that dogs eat grass because it smells like yummy food but then can’t digest the harshness of the protein in it? I heard that they eat it to cure a tummy ache is not true. I never really thought I believed that latter myth but the first one… sounds like it might be accurate.

    Do you have any knowledge on this that you can share with me and our readers below?

    When you are planning your next meal don’t forget fido! A lot of pet store foods are lacking sufficient amounts of protein and nutrition due to the over use of fillers like grains, corn and wheat that our canines wouldn’t normally eat. So why do we feed it to them?

    Feed Your Pet the Things You Really Should

    Before you poor up that next big dish of dog food, check out these alternatives to the standard dog food you might be using now:

    1. Frozen raw foods
    2. Freeze-dried raw food
    3. Canned food that is BPA free
    4. (A distant last preference) kibble food that is processed using low heat

    I prefer raw and canned foods to dry foods (especially for cats) for the following reasons:

    • There is typically higher (more natural) protein content in raw and canned foods.
    • There are typically fewer chemical preservatives in raw and canned foods.
    • Wet food is licked clean off the teeth, which is better for healthy mouths.
    • Moisture content is better for regulated hydration for all pets, especially for kidney health in cats that would normally become hydrated from their food, not from drinking water.
    • Food with normal moisture content is more suitable for a carnivore’s GI tract motility.
    • Extrusion (high heat) processing creates two potent carcinogens, heterocyclic aminos and acrylamides, which are then (in small amounts) eaten with every mouthful of dry food.

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