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    I just love this little ladies website. She has some amazing and super healthy and easy to make recipes to pamper any ones precious pooch. With the recent FDA putting out multiple warnings on imported jerky making dogs sick, making your dog treats at home with as few ingredients as possible really is key.

    I would suggest that every dog owner should invest in a dehydrator, (even makes healthier snacks for yourself) to start making delicious, homemade treats like the one below:

    Ingredients: Chicken, Cooking Spray, Sage or rosemary (optional)

    Cut the chicken breast into crosswise slices about 1/4″ thick. A sharp knife will help quite a bit. Tip: don’t use those little chicken tender things unless you really enjoy making things complicated. Spray both sides with cooking spray, and sprinkle with the seasonings if you are using them. Place the strips on your dehydrator tray, or on a foil lined cookie sheet if you’re using an oven. Either way, set the temperature to 160 (I’ve seen it suggested as low as 140, but 160 works just fine and is closer to FDA food safety guidelines for dehydrating meat.) Leave in the oven or dehydrator until all the moisture is removed- about 2-3 hours for the oven and 5-6 for the dehydrator depending on how thinly you have the pieces sliced.

    Voila! Because you’ve put in no preservatives, best keep these in the fridge.

    Here are her directions above step by step in a handy video she put right on her blog:

    Article Source: PawCurious


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