• Why Your Dog Should Have Aversion Training

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    Aversion training is much more important than you might think. Standard commands and tricks can go a long way but what if your fur baby is in danger and doesn’t know it. This is the exact case when aversion training could save their life.

    Why Your Dog Should Have Aversion Training

    Here are a few more details for your own reference on this topic:

    Method: The majority of aversion trainers use an electronic shock collar to condition dogs, according to Sgt. Lou Castle, past president of the Los Angeles County Police Canine Association, in an article on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point website. The goal of the training is to associate pain, or another negative sensation, with exposure to the avoidance target. It’s recommended that you turn the collar all the way down, then slowly increase the strength of the shock collar just until it provokes a reaction from your dog. The collars aren’t deadly when properly used, but you don’t want to hurt your pup more than necessary. With the same method, you can also use aversion training to stop your dog from chasing wildlife or participating in other undesirable activities.
    Preventing Bad Behavior: Aversion training is effective, but it’s not foolproof. That’s why you should train your dog to obey basic verbal commands and keep him on a leash whenever he’s out for a walk. Start teaching your dog to respond to your commands when he’s young. Use positive reinforcement to encourage obedience, and reprimand your dog sternly when he doesn’t listen. Avoid using shock collars for obedience training unless positive reinforcement techniques fail. Consider consulting a dog trainer to whip your unruly pup into shape if you aren’t having any luck.

    If you just can’t seem to get your pup trained in this type of style, you may want to seek professional help. Especially if you live near any wilderness areas that could potentially be dangerous for your pup.

    What is your opinion on if aversion training is valuable or not?



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