• Debbie McNeely Zednik Asks If Any Dobe Family Experienced Thrombocytopenia?

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    Here is an interesting share by Debbie McNeely Zednik who is asking if any Dobe Family has ever experienced Thrombocytopenia? If so can you give some feedback in the comments below or at least send positive vibes their way?

    Has any Dobe family experienced Thrombocytopenia- low/no platelets? I have a 8 yro female took her to the vet last nite for a checkup and the vet found a mass about the size of a baseball – cant to surgery to remove the mass because she has no platelets… it can be caused by Cancer or an immune deficiency…. she is on a high dose steroid for the next few days – she has to remain calm no steps no running jumping very quiet or if she gets bumped she could bleed out….. I lost her sister 32 days ago from a Brain tumor – I cant deal with anymore loss….. Any suggestions would be appreciated……


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