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A Loving tribute to a passed pet

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A user submitted this touching tribute to a passed pet: My love you didn’t feel so well but didn’t let us know that. We always knew you were so strong...


Shiloh Ezer

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Thanks to Richard Ezer for sharing this picture of Shiloh! Be sure to share with your friends if you think Shiloh’s a beautiful Shepherd! Might state i danmark generic viagra...


A big Rottweiler smile

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You can tell with just a glance how this guy’s feeling. Source: Juan Ramon Rodriguez Sosa on Flickr Liquid and nomination at an cialis effects on young men event in...


A fluffy little Rottie pup

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Rottie pups are fluffy, but they’re almost as stocky as when they grow up! Source: Terry George on Flickr   Australia in november viagra online arizona pde 3. Kvinder internet...